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Mediterranean Sea Life & Reptiles
Hersonissos - Crete - Greece

Stephania - the blind sea turtle
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Aquaworld Aquarium
and Reptile Rescue Centre
Hersonissos - Crete - Greece

Tree Frogs
Stephania - the green turtle
Elle - a spur-thighed tortoise
Amber & Rowan with Dino & Twitch
Rowan and Burma
David and Java

Visitors' Comments

Since 2000, a visitors' book has been on the front desk at Aquaworld.  At the risk of boring you, some comments which have jumped out at us are:

"Great - thanks for letting me feed all the fish on my birthday!!!!!"
J Hilton - Carshalton Beeches - UK - 19/04/2008

"We were here 4 times during our vacation - unfortunately we have to leave Chersonissos otherwise we would return more and more. Every visit was great - for the adults and the children. Such an experience can influence a whole life!"
Family Bismark - Frieburg - Germany - 25/08/05

"Very interesting job. Congratulations!"
Giorgos Tingilis - Fisheries Department/Heraklion - 15/05/03

"Very friendly staff & interesting displays. Excellent to hold the reptiles. Excellent value for money. Thanks."
Janette & Jennie - Bedfordshire - 30/06/02

"It's one of the best aquariums I've ever seen."
Nicholas Blackmore - Chippenham - 05/08/02

"Wonderful - return visit after 5 years. Glad to see Stephania is still about"
Richard Crowe - Norwich - UK - 16/10/05

"Nice to see such healthy animals that we were able to share.  Many thanks."
Gary, Jane & Ellie Newton - Grantham - 25/05/02

"How about being so close to nature!  This was better than the famous zoos I've been in!  Thanks a lot!"
Maarten Oliver & G. de Ruiter - Netherlands - 10/09/01

"Good luck in building an even bigger aquarium.  It already is really nice!!!"
Sandra/Ray (Biologists) - Utrecht - 19/10/00

"A really fascinating experience.  I especially liked the blind turtle and the octopus.  Almost as beautiful, if not nicer than, the Berliner Aquarium."
The Tsachakis family - Heraklion - 16/06/02

"Very interesting.  The fish and reptiles are kept in lovely condition. Will be back again."
Elisa Begg & Kevin McKenzie - Wick/ Scotland - 21/07/02

"I loved this place! Dino the lizard was really cool. The snakes were really nice as well. I can't wait to come back!"
Ciara Skelton - Wexford - Ireland - 1/10/05

"Our 2nd year. Couldn't wait to visit - a vast improvement - even more interesting.   See you next year.  Well done !  Keep up the excellent work."
Martin & Chris Holden - Dukinfield - 09/09/02

"Better than the London Aquarium.  Excellent. Thank you."
Nick Elgar & family - Woking - 27/05/02

"It was the best bargain on the island.  Thank you.  Best wishes."
Jamie Oldfield - Pontypridd/Wales - 08/06/01

"This was the third time we were here, still very beautiful."
Renee Bakker - Drachten - Netherlands - 18/09/05

"It's good that you can learn something about Cretan wildlife.  Not only bar life!"
Pelle Rydell - Stockholm - 02/07/01

"The baby tortoises have grown a lot since I saw them last year.  It was good to come back and see how things have come on."
Stacey Whyte - 22/07/01

"I hope you have a lot of sponsors to complete the vivarium."
Dr Robert Hitz - Sutherland - 16/08/01

"It is great to know that someone is helping to even out the damage and destruction man causes.  Well done and thank you!"
Lesley Allen - Co Neath/Ireland - 27/09/01

"We liked it all very much.  Thanks a lot and Bye Bye."
Mahanjunke Batya - Jerusalem/Israel - 09/10/01

And thank you all very much, too.  John Mclaren

A Balkan Terrapin
Turkish Gecko
The Leopard Snake
Amber and Burma
Kristian and whip snakes
Jerry's Mum and Dino

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