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Mediterranean Sea Life & Reptiles
Hersonissos - Crete - Greece

Stephania - the blind sea turtle

Moray Eel

Aquaworld Aquarium
and Reptile Rescue Centre
Hersonissos - Crete - Greece

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Close up of an Octopus
Rescued Loggerhead Turtle
Spiny Lobster

Aquaworld - Crete's First Aquarium - Hersonissos

Because there is no strictly defined method of converting Greek letters into the Roman alphabet,
the spelling of the word Hersonissos is, to put it mildly, quite variable.
Some of the possibilities are: Hersonissos, Hersonisos, Chersonissos, Chersonisos, Heronissos, Heronisos, Xersonissos and Xersonisos...

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